Soybean (PS)phosphatidyserine Suppliers In Foods

Soybean (PS)phosphatidyserine Suppliers In Foods
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【Product Name】Phosphatidyserine (Soybean)【CAS NO】84776-79-4 【Source】Soybean【Specification】Total content of PS 10%/20%/60% Item Specification Apperance Light yellow or brown powderPhosphatidyserine 20%/50%/60% Loss on drying ≤2.0%Peroxide value ≤5.0meq/kgSolubility not soluble in waterTotal bacterial count ≤1,000cfu/gYeast and mold ≤100cfu/gColiforms ≤10cfu/gE coli /salmonella / 【Introduction】 Phosphatidyserine is an active substances available through the enzyme reaction of soybean phosphatidyl choline and serine. It is known as " intelligent nutrients"after the choline and DHA. 【Applications】For dietary supplements to improve brain function, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve memory.For functional drinks to ease the pressure of study and work,promote the recovery of brain fatigue and balance of emotions.For infant formula milk, dairy products to improve the brain cell membrane,improve intelligence, focus attention and abvoid children with adhd. is not responsible for the advertised product.